What Grinds My Gears


Excerpts from Bryan A. Townsend-El

Animals, Earth wardens. We were supposed to be, according to certain texts and ideologies. I believe we have fallen far, if we are fallen angels, we fell again. Animals are tokened for our pleasure on a daily basis, in more ways than a professional can name. We lock them in grotesque cages and conditions in to view them at our leisure, for our young to view them. At those points we will speak highly of them and sing their praises. Then we will leave and forget completely about them until the young want to see them, or it's free to see them, or we want to go on a date and show a girl/man how much we like them with a distracting background. Them we torture them in inhumane places out of view, and process kill them, then serve them up in McDonalds and our dinner table. If someone with a conscience or ethics comes to inquire about the welfare of these sentient beings, they are assaulted, rejected, banned or ridiculed to discredit the information they ave acquired.

That's what grands my gears. What grinds my gears even more is...most people already know. and will turn a blind eye to the wrongs and injustices done to animals and people alike. We have a voice, they do not. If this happened to people, or better yet you, you would not like it, you wold want justice. Nonhuman animals are no different. It was not so long ago that different ethnic groups were considered "animals" and treated the same. Let's start the trickle down effect we take for granted, because this is serious grinding my gears.

Marc Bekoff