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CelebratioN + Freedom

motorcycle jail.JPG

Gordon’s vehicle to freedom
mixed media

Note: Gordon's motorcycle sculpture was inspired by the Eagles' songs Take It to the Limit and Hotel California, and was made as follows:

  • HUBS: toothpaste caps and tops of tubes

  • RIMS: combs and cardboard

  • TIRES: folded edges of rags turned inside out - stuffed and dyed with colored pencils and shavings

  • FRAME: plastic spoon and a few dead tree twigs -- covered with stained pieces of rags and toothpaste

  • ENGINE: shampoo container, tooth paste tubes for pistons; heads from bar soap, toothbrush handles, chip bags inside out for pipes and push rods, glue caps for air intake and battery

  • SEAT: cardboard wrapped with dyed rags and toothpaste

  • LIGHTS: caps wrapped in chip bags and candy wrappers for color

  • FORKS AND SHOCKS: pencils wrapped in chip bags inside out 

  • WHEEL FENDERS: straps from old shoes dyed and plastic strips for shape

  • HANDLEBARS: dyed twigs wrapped in chip bags inside out

  • HAND GRIPS: foam earplugs

  • GAS TANK: deodorant containers

  • SIGNS: pencils, light cardboard, colored paper

  • CACTUS: tube edge of rags stuffed and dyed and tooth paste

  • FLOWERS: rags and toothpaste dyed to color

  • RABBIT: rags 

  • TOP HAT: eraser wrapped in colored paper

  • SNAKE: wrapped up paper colored with tooth paste

  • SKULL: carved bar of soap

  • ROADWAY: cardboard, black marker for line; brick red colored pencil, lines yellow colored paper, road gravel and sand